Welcome to the Mey Research Group

We are young and dynamic research group based at the University of Edinburgh in the School of Chemistry that forms part of East Chem. The research looks at combining data intensive simulation approaches with machine learning to understand protein function and inhibition better, with a particular focus on antimicrobial resistance.

We are looking for more people to join the group for (more info) information on how to join take a look!

We are grateful for funding from Royal Society of Chemistry for the Outreach project Chemistry in Focus.



The virtual I AM A.I. exhibition by IMAGINARY is now live at I AM A.I.. Explore how an artificial intelligence, learns and thinks and take a look at how to train one using neural networks. From the 19th you will be able to see Antonia as a virtual guide taking you through the exhibtion.


Marta Chronowska joins the group for a summer project. Welcome Marta!


Cresset's Flare can now run alchemical free energy calculations! Antonia is glad to have been able to contribute to this collaboration. Read the paper here!


Antonia has been awarded travel money from SUPA to visit Prof. Chodera's group at MSKCC and Prof. Roitberg at the Univesity of Florida!


The preprint on the collaboration with Cresset for implementing alchemical free energy calculations in Flare is out! Take a look on (ChemRxiv)!


Welcome to Cameron and Jonathan — The research group is officially starting!


Hello World -- the group website is going live!

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